FinTech Master Class

12th February 2017 
Swissotel The Bosphorus, Istanbul

FinTech Master Class

Fintech Master Class

Invest in the FinTech r-evolution


Paolo Sironi

WBAF Academy Faculty Member

FinTech Thought Leader

IBM Watson Financial Services

Paolo Sironi is recognised author of portfolio management and financial innovation. In his current role as FinTech Thought Leader and Spokesperson for IBM Investment and Risk Analytics, he links strategic innovation in Finance and Technology, demonstrating international expertise in Wealth and Asset Management, Risk Management, Trading and Digital transformation. Pioneer in understanding the practical implications of AI and FinTech digitalisation to manage institutional risks and personal wealth, he founded a FinTech joint-venture (2008) to integrate investment management and Goal Based Investing principles. The company became a part of IBM (2012) following the acquisition of funding partner Algorithmics, world leader of risk management architectures. Paolo has a decade-long quantitative expertise; he was previously head of market and counterparty risk modeling at Banca Intesa Sanpaolo.

Author of “FinTech Innovation: from Robo-Advisors to Goal Based Investing and Gamification” (Wiley 2016), “Modern Portfolio Management: From Markowitz to Probabilistic Scenario Optimisation” (RiskBooks, 2015), co-author of “The FinTech Book” (Wiley, 2016).

Paolo’s posts can be read on specialised media, LinkedIn, Twitter @thepsironi or his personal website

About the Master Class

Financial Services are facing a perfect storm: margins squeeze due to zero to negative interest rates in Europe, Japan and US, reputational damage in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, increasing capital charges, skyrocketing compliance costs, generational shifts towards mobile oriented Millennials, progressive disintermediation by technology enabled startups (AI, blockchain, digital, mobile payments, robo-investing). FinTech companies have grabbed the opportunity globally to create transformational compelling propositions that can ultimately replace or revolutionize the operating models of incumbent institutions. Yet, innovation is not an easy journey and requires venture funding, transferable competences, entrepreneurial talent, educational humus and legal easiness. Proactive financial centers and forward looking regulators in New York, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore (to name a few) have started to flex their muscles in the attempt to gain a competitive international advantage by helping FinTech innovation to find its ways and promoting sound transformation of banking, asset management and insurance industries. FinServ marketplace has never been so competitive creating threats for incumbents and opportunities for innovators. This masterclass will help identify key trends globally, strengths and weaknesses of new technology shaping the FinTech r-evolution.

WBAF is pleased to invite you and read Paolo Sironi bestseller "FinTech Innovation" (Wiley 2016) before the master class. You will be taken through a journey based on his entrepreneurial experience and global thought leadership mindset at IBM, and get ready to discuss how to plug-in best of breed FINancial TECHnology inside digital business models.

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